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    WeRoam certifies GPRS/WLAN combo cards


    SonyEricsson and Option are the suppliers

    The mobile data-communication market is beginning to
    come to terms with the fact that GSM-based GPRS/HSCSD services will have to be integrated with WLAN radio-network technology to achieve the best possible customer-friendly solutions. To this end, a growing number mobile operators are offering combination rates that enable customers to choose the
    best possible access technology available depending on their current situation. In cooperation with the WeRoam roaming platform, these providers are already able to offer their customers access to more than 10.000 Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide.

    To make sure that users are actually able to take advantage of this flexibility and the time benefits that this brings, leading manufactures of PC cards such as Sony Ericsson or Option have developed convenient combo cards that support both GSM/GPRS/HSCSD and WLAN. These solutions are
    characterized by their user-friendliness which allows the integrated SIM card to be used for accessing GSM-based services and for WLAN authentication as well. All users have to do is type in their personal PIN number and in seconds they will be able to enjoy Internet access using Wi-Fi hotspots.

    This authentication method is just as fast, secure and convenient as using a mobile phone. As a pioneer in WLAN roaming, WeRoam is steadfast in its use of the advanced SIM authentication system and is able to offer customer’s of
    approved providers a completely new feeling in terms of mobility and convenience.

    Working together with leading European mobile-phone companies, WeRoam has certified combo PC cards and is recommending the following cards to its customers: the Sony Ericsson “GPRS / Wireless LAN PC Card GC79” and the
    Option “GlobeTrotter COMBO GPRS / WLAN PC Card”. Users of the WeRoam service will usually get these PC cards from their mobile-phone provider – together with a SIM card, which is activated to allow worldwide access to the WeRoam network. Billing is pooled together on the mobile phone invoice and is taken care of by the user’s own mobile phone company.

    Combo cards that also support UMTS are already being tested. Here, too, the aim is to create a card that provides an integrative solution that is customer friendly and that allows choice between UMTS, GPRS and WLAN depending on the situation. To this end, the advantages of WeRoam´s
    SIM-based authentication solution will be strengthened still further.

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