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    UbiNetics extends HSDPA test system portfolio


    UbiNetics, the world leader in WCDMA and HSDPA terminal and test and measurement technology, has announced the availability of a new addition to its HSDPA test product range.

    Available as an extension to the UbiNetics TM500 HSDPA Test Mobile, the new ‘Multi-UE’ option will allow infrastructure manufacturers and operators to stress-test early HSDPA networks before commercial roll-out. The Multi-UE option allows a single TM500 to concurrently emulate up to 32 individual mobiles, each with an individually-programmable channel model to provide representative RF conditions. Several TM500s can be connected together to simulate over 100 mobiles in one HSDPA cell. Users can assess the performance of the critical scheduler algorithms within the Node B, which will dictate the overall system performance.

     “HSDPA optimises the use of available power and bandwidth by varying the transmission to mobile phones depending on individual channel conditions. Overall performance is critically reliant on networks making fast and accurate decisions on which mobile to serve at any particular time, based on channel quality metrics returned by the mobiles,” said Philip Windred, Senior Vice President for test and measurement products at UbiNetics. “Our TM500 Multi-UE test solution will allow users to evaluate and optimise the scheduler function within the network, and thereby contribute to the success of HSDPA.”

    This new option builds on the success of the TM500, already proven as the world’s leading HSDPA network test solution, in use with all major WCDMA infrastructure manufacturers. Further evolutions of the TM500 product line are planned to support new functionality as WCDMA systems continue to evolve.

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