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    Smartner upgrades mobile office solution


    Smartner has added major capabilities to its Duality mobile office solution to help mobile professionals increase work efficiency and customer responsiveness. The new Smartner Duality 4.0 is the first solution to enable wireless push-calendar functions on Symbian smartphones. In addition, Smartner Duality 4.0 features corporate network load reduction for large installations, security enhancements and support for global languages

    “Our vision is to bring an easy to use and affordable mobile office solution to our customers for wide-scale deployment,” said Paul Hedman, CEO of Smartner. “I am proud to introduce Smartner Duality 4.0 which is a big step towards that goal. Our solution is proven to increase our customers’ efficiency, responsiveness and save deployment costs. I encourage everyone to try it and start reaping the benefits of mobile office now.”

    Together with real-time email and other corporate data, mobile professionals using Symbian-based devices can now also access their personal organiser. Answering the ever rising demand for mobile calendar access, this function is available on Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones for both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino environments

    With Smartner Duality 4.0, all calendar events are pushed to and from the mobile device automatically, without no need to synchronise the device. In addition, users can now accept, decline, and create new meeting requests from the device.

    In addition to email-based firewall tunnelling, which provides an ultra-rapid installation of Duality without any changes in corporate firewall, direct TCP-based firewall tunnelling is now available. Direct TCP-based firewall tunnelling enables considerably lower workload on corporate email servers in large installations. Also, a more efficient Duality Enterprise Server can now serve thousands of users considerably reducing the costs of deployment in comparison to competing solutions.

    Smartner Duality extends corporate-level security to the mobile devices and provides enterprise administrators with tools to manage this security. As a new enhancement in this direction, now the enterprise administrator is enabled to remotely send commands to the mobile device to lock or delete information in case of device loss or theft.

    Smartner Duality 4.0 now works in all language environments ranging from Russian to Arabic and Chinese making it a perfect solution for deployment in multicultural environments.

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