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    Aussie start-Up taking its mobile content to the world


    moodmessaging Pty, an Australian-based multimedia content development company, today announced that it will be launching their IamEmo mobile content at Mobile Content World 2004, being held over two days later this month in the United Kingdom. The IamEmo( mobile content has been uniquely designed to enhance Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

    moodmessaging are launching their IamEmo mobile content in the UK market on the back of securing a global content distribution deal with Nokia earlier this year. Nokia have partnered with IamEmo for the global launch of their new 3220 handset. An introductory selection of IamEmo content
    has been preloaded onto all 3220 handsets, and is being distributed throughout Europe by 123 Multimedia. In the United States, the IamEmo content is being distributed by AT&T Wireless via moodmessaging’s distributor Ztango and in the Asia-Pacific Region, the IamEmo content is being
    distributed by SAM CLICK and by Nokia Tones, Graphics and Games.

    moodmessaging has developed, under their IamEmo brand, colour animations featuring Emo, the Chameleon, that consumers can download onto their mobile phones and send as part of an MMS message to their friends, families and colleagues. The animations featuring Emo use colour, facial
    expressions and body language to illustrate one of eight human emotions in a number of different guises. Emo adds emotional context to ordinary text messages, transforming messaging from plain black-and-white text to a colourful, engaging and meaningful exchange.

    “Communication is not just about what you say, but how you say it. Using Emo, users can create emotionally-rich messages that immediately engage with whoever you send them to. With Emo, you know that whoever receives your text message will know exactly how you feel,” said Kevin Brough, CEO of

    IamEmo is a breakthrough proposition for MMS as it meets the genuine consumer need for expressive, rich messaging. The content is being offered to handset manufacturers and network carriers for preloading into MMS capable handsets.

    “This not only creates massive differentiation for the handset itself, but also encourages daily MMS usage and the ongoing downloading of new IamEmo content,” added Brough.

    moodmessaging launched their IamEmo mobile content in Australia and New Zealand in mid 2003, and had extended distribution to more than seven Asia-Pacific markets by February 2004. There are currently over 40 Emo animations available for download to consumers with MMS capable mobile
    phones, with new Emo animations being released globally each month.

    Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications carrier has also
    partnered with moodmessaging to provide Telstra customers with access to unique IamEmo characters including some that have been specifically designed to align with Telstra’s  sponsorship and marketing efforts such as Australian Idol.

    moodmessaging will initially provide Telstra with exclusive customised content preloaded onto Sony Ericsson handsets, with further plans to preload content onto a range of other handsets, including those manufactured by both Motorola and Nokia.

    moodmessaging plans to launch their IamEmo(TM) mobile content in other markets throughout Asia before the end of the year and is currently reviewing commercial agreements in other overseas markets.

    IamEmo will enable users to finally let people know how they really feel using multimedia messages,” commented Brough.

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