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    Stereo quality ring back tones to help mobile operators ring up revenues


    Stereo quality music, comedy, sporting or movie clips bring ring backs to life!

    A new service that dramatically improves the sound quality of RingBack Tones  has been announced by Alatto Technologies, the leading provider of value added solutions for mobile operators. 

    Crystal Tones  is an innovation that allows phone users to replace the standard ringing tone that is heard before the call connects with personalised, stereo-quality music, comedy, sporting or movie clips.

    It is widely expected that RingBack Tones will become as pervasive with mobile users as ring tones and logos. Market analysts Ovum predicts that European operator revenue from RingBack Tones will reach €721m by 2008. The only European independent research on this area was commissioned recently by Alatto. The  results showed  that 37% of all Europeans between the ages of 15 and 49 would pay for a ringback service.

    To date, RingBack Tones have delivered disappointing listening experiences for callers as mobile networks were optimised for speech rather than music.  However, Crystal Tones, uses a unique proprietary algorithm to improve the  quality of the audio clips. The result is that callers hear higher-fidelity sound reproduction with far less distortion.

    The consumer interface (known as “vConnect”) is exceptionally easy to use.  Subscribers can use a web interface or a phone keypad to select personalised RingBack tones from a library of songs, comedy clips and sound effects.  Different tones can be selected and played for different callers.  However mobile operators’ technical staff will also find Alatto’s Crystal Tones easy to deploy as it integrates with any RingBack tone system and can be customised to meet operators’ existing processes.

    John Whelan, Product Manager of  Alatto says: “The higher the fidelity of the music transmitted, the more consumers will use the service.In head to head comparisons, the audio processed by Crystal Tones consistently beat all comers.  It could be the answer for operators seeking a competitive advantage and higher revenues per user.”