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    SyChip announces WLAN module for the mobile handheld market


    Integrated Passive Device (IPD) technology for the mobile
    handheld market

    SyChip, the leader in Radio Frequency Chip Scale Modules/System in Package (CSM/SIP) modules, has announced its Integrated Passive Device (IPD) technology as a means for developing miniature products for the mobile handheld market space, including smart phones, feature phones, PDAs, gaming devices and media players.

    “The worldwide adoption of WLAN is continuing at a feverish pace, and the integration of WLAN into portable devices is at the forefront this trend,” said Moses Asom, co-founder and senior vice president of marketing and business development, SyChip. “As the trend to push the network edge into these devices continues to drive consumer demand, SyChip’s IPD technology, with its world class size, electrical performance and plug-and-play capability, is perfectly positioned to meet the market challenges and help manufacturers reduce design cycles by six months.”

    SyChip’s proprietary IPD technology enables a best-in-class footprint that is crucial to the handheld device market.  A complete 802.11g module is realized in an area of 90 square millimeters and a height of only 0.9mm. The technology enables the integration of approximately 50 passive components, such as capacitors, filters, and inductors, directly into the IPD substrate, providing enhanced performance along with a large reduction in discrete components.  Performance enhancements are realized by minimizing component and trace parasitic effects while minimizing passive losses,
    resulting in excellent range.  Fewer discrete components lead to reduced assembly time and cost.

    SyChip’s IPD technology also incorporates the silicon chip-set, including baseband/MAC, EEPROM, and Transceiver.  The module comes in a ball grid array (BGA) structure that allows direct mounting to the main printed circuit board using industry standard surface mount technology for high volume production.

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