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    New GSM/3G market update confirms 300 WCDMA networks launched worldwide


    The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) today published its latest GSM/3G Market Update. Amongst the issues reported this month, GSA has confirmed that 300 WCDMA networks have been commercially launched in 126 countries. WCDMA has achieved approaching 75% market share of commercial 3G networks with an estimated 410+ million subscriptions.

    GSA says that 95% of WCDMA networks have enabled HSPA, with HSPA mobile broadband services now commercially available on 283 networks in 119 countries. There are an estimated 150+ million HSPA subscribers worldwide says GSA, with more than half of commercial HSPA networks are capable of peak downlink data speeds of 7.2 Mbps or higher.

    190 suppliers have launched 1,739 HSPA devices in the market. 54 operators have committed to HSPA Evolution (HSPA+) including 26 HSPA+ networks commercially launched in 19 countries (25 networks support peak downlink data speed of 21 Mbps, and one network supports 28 Mbps).

    HSUPA is commercially available on 92 networks, says GSA.

    At least 39 operators have committed to LTE deployments in 19 countries, with up to 14 LTE networks are expected to be commercially launched by the end of 2010. LTE is rapidly establishing itself as the single global standard, securing and driving even higher economies of scale and importantly, simplifying roaming, says GSA.

    The number of GSM and WCDMA-HSPA subscriptions is estimated to have passed 4 billion worldwide during September 2009, achieving another milestone for the mobile industry. It means that the GSM/WCDMA-HSPA family of systems has gained almost 90% market share of all mobile technologies globally, and continues to gain. The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) together total over 1.31 billion subscriptions.

    The survey also found that spectrum re-farming in the 900 MHz band has established a strong momentum. Eleven UMTS900 HSPA networks are commercially launched worldwide, supported by 190 user devices launched in the market.

    GSA also says that political debate on the Digital Dividend has entered the mainstream in most regions of the world. An increasing number of governments have committed to using Digital Dividend spectrum for mobile broadband services, or have initiated consultations on future spectrum use.