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    UK brands benefit from six-fold increase in response rates through mobile coupons, claims survey


    According to a new survey report from Juniper Research, more than 3 million consumers have now used mobile coupons in the UK. The survey was conducted in October 2009.

    The mobile coupons consumer survey, launched globally today, is said to provide detailed insight into consumers' current usage of mobile coupons. It also gauges the future prospects for new interactive mobile marketing techniques such as coupon services and smart posters, says Juniper.

    Howard Wilcox, Senior Analyst at Juniper Research, commented: "The redemption rate for traditional paper coupons is typically 1% or less, but, based on our survey, mobile coupons offer 6 times these rates. This means that retailers and brands have the opportunity to exploit the mobile channel via personalised coupon offers direct to the ultimate personal device – the mobile phone."

    The survey showed that in excess of three quarters of those questioned were aware of mobile coupons and that once people receive coupons then there is a strong probability that they will also redeem them. The Orange Wednesdays campaign is a prime example of a successful mobile coupons programme.

    As well as coupons, Juniper Research's new report ‘The Mobile Coupons Consumer Survey' found that 'smart posters' are likely to be popular amongst the 16 to 34 age groups. The ability to tap smart posters to receive coupons and product samples presents opportunities to market products in new and innovative ways such as movie trailer downloads.

    The report is said to contain comprehensive analysis of the survey results by gender, age group, socio economic group and working status.