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    NEC launches on-demand microwave backhaul solution


    NEC has developed a new all-outdoor microwave backhaul service, which it said allows operators to quickly redeploy their network according to demand.

    The vendor said its iPASOLINK iX differs from traditional fixed-function outdoor backhaul units because it can operate across the range of 6GHz to 42GHz bands.

    It said it can support as many as nine modulation states, from Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying to Quadrature Amplitude Modulation. NEC claims this means that it can support an uncompressed traffic capacity of up to 1GBps across a distance of “many tens” of kilometres, by integrating with the fibre network at the pre-aggregation layer.

    NEC said the unit can provide reliable transmission in poor weather thanks to its Adaptative Modulation function, which automatically changes the modulation. It also prioritises high quality Ethernet traffic in line with operator demands. According to NEC, this means it can meet surges in demand from the likes of VoIP or video.

    The unit can be deployed as a standalone cabinet on a mast or split-mounted so engineers can access its baseband processor.

    Steve Walthew, Microwave Solutions Specialist at NEC Corporation in EMEA, commented: “NEC’s wireless backhaul solutions already have a strong reputation for reliability with an exceptionally long lifespan, even when they’re deployed in desert, tropical or arctic conditions.

    “By making our technology fully frequency capable and easy to redeploy between regions, countries or operating groups, iPASOLINK iX is a truly future-proofed solution. In this way, NEC is supporting rapid network transformation and enabling operators to maximise their return on investment in their backhaul network over the longer term.”

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