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    NSN launches new telco cloud manager for NFV compliance


    Nokia Solutions and Networks has launched a new Telco Cloud Management solution, which it said will help operators to comply with new European standards on network functions virtualisation (NFV).
    The product has two main components: the cloud-ready NetAct Operation Support System (OSS) helps networks to manage virtualised and non-virtualised network elements, while the Cloud Application Manager, which is platform agnostic, allows networks to manage applications in the telco cloud. 
    The Finland-based vendor said the product helps operators to fully take advantage of the potential benefits of the telco cloud, such as flexible capacity and the higher utilisation of hardware, as well as developing and then bringing innovative new services to market more quickly. 
    While many aspects of the telco cloud have yet to be standardised, NSN said the product complies with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) NFV working group.
    NSN said it was working with a number of companies in a new telco cloud partner programme. It has extended its relationship with HP, for example, to the telco cloud and will be able to offer integration services, in addition to joint telco cloud architectures and delivery models.
    Michael Clever, Senior Vice-President of Core, NSN, commented: “The telco cloud has finally become a reality for operators worldwide. And our new Cloud Application Manager makes sure operators can tackle the complexities of telco cloud any time, with flexible network capacity, shorter time to market and high return on hardware investment.”
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