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    Increased memory on a small package


    M-Systems meets demand for reliable, ultra high-performance on-board memory within the industry’s smallest package

    M-Systems is meeting the demand for increased memory performance for mobile and embedded products with DiskOnChip P3, the world’s smallest 32-megabyte flash disk.

    DiskOnChip P3 builds upon the Company’s innovative x2 technology, incorporated into products utilized by five of the top six handset facturers and two of the top three makers of personal data assistants (PDAs).

    “M-Systems’ x2 technology was developed to enable the practical use of state-of-the-art NAND flash silicon and endow it with high levels of reliability, performance and power-saving features.  With x2 technology, DiskOnChip P3 offers extremely high performance for on-board multimedia storage,” said  David Tolub, vice president and co-manager of M-Systems’
    DiskOnChip business unit.

    Performance:  DiskOnChip P3 delivers industry-leading performance with a burst mode read speed of 80MB per second (5MB per second sustained) and write speed of 2.5MB per second. “The high rates of performance available with DiskOnChip P3 contribute to an ultimate user experience within high-end devices offering the most advanced multimedia capabilities,” said Tolub.

    Proven Reliability:  The integrity of stored data is protected with reliability enhancement features including a newly developed bad-block handling mechanism, 5-bit  error-detection code (EDC) and 4-bit error-correction code (ECC).  Combined within DiskOnChip P3, these features
    contribute to industry-leading rates of reliability that help to extend product life and prevent crashes, loss of data and other malfunctions. Each chip is further protected with a unique ID, a one-time programming (OTP) area, hardware protection and a sticky lock.

    Power-savings: The active current of DiskOnChip P3 is only 10mA. Additionally, to enable increased battery life for handheld and other devices, DiskOnChip P3 offers a deep power-down mode for low, 10µA power consumption. In addition to a 7x10x1.2mm FBGA package, DiskOnChip P3 is
    available in a standard 12×20 mm TSOP-I package.  Based on Toshiba’s 0.13-micron process NAND flash silicon, both versions of DiskOnChip P3 have a 16-bit interface and an internal 32-bit bus (with parallel multi-plane access) and offer a clear upgrade path to M-Systems’ 64MB DiskOnChip product

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